हर दिल केह रहा है, The Taste of Vadodara

Oct 4

Yes, it all began from here, "Khabar felai gai k mega event thavanu che." This was the first time Vadodara was going to experience a festival like this and on such a larger scale. Taste of Vadodara was build with a concept of a gift and token of love from Swapan Prajapati to his beloved wife. The story transformed into millions of memories of not only Swapan and his wife but also about the 1.5 lakhs people who visited Taste of Vadodara.

It is said, "All's well when ends well," but Taste of Vadodara says, "All's well when we begin well." Yes, to the festival of music, food and dance began with a bang and what a start! To everyone's surprise, the festival actually became a regular session and favorite place for the people.

We had superstar artists like Emiway Bantai, Capsisters,DJ Zephyrtone, DJ MKSHFT, and few other top artists who performed and entertained our audience with their beautiful piece of the art form. We are super happy to see this face of Vadodara, where people are enjoying every bit of the moment, and there is no negativity and harm. There's only fun, love, and entertainment.

Truly the carnival is made with all heart and says, "Dil Se Dil Tak," not only the team, but the people also showed their love in support in every manner. Whether it be coming to the festival or supporting it on different media platforms, it actually increased the amount of happiness we ever thought we'd get.

The food stalls had the most delicious dishes one can have at a reasonable rate with the utmost quality and quantity. The selfie booths had undoubtedly long queues to get their perfect shot clicked. We specially designed unique booths wherein everyone can fit in and get an ideal festive picture. We also had 30 live shows throughout the event, which contains the Battle of Band, and winner of the competition would get 150,000Rs. We had daily acts, and different professional artists throughout the country participated and increased the level of our event.

Taste of Vadodara had everything which a family wants. A place where you can come with your friends, family, and loved ones and enjoy every part of it. Taste of Vadodara will this remain in the heart of the people and so हर दिल केह रहा है, the Taste of Vadodara.

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